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  Kramer's Service Station

Fuel injector and carbon cleaning

 Do you want to get more out of a tank full of gas?

Millions of cars today run at a level of efficiency considerably reduced, due to the high concentration of carbon deposits accumulated in the fuel injection system and combustion chambers. This carbon build up reduces fuel flow, distorts fuel spray patterns and reduces combustion efficiency resulting in higher emissions, loss of performance, rough idling and lower fuel mileage.

        Now there is a better approach to remedy this. It’s called:

                           Motorvac Carbon Clean Service

            This machine plugs into your fuel system and uses standard fuel with a detergent cleaning additive that gently strips away carbon deposits, cleans fuel injectors and restores performance and fuel economy. Your car actually runs off this machine and your fuel system is disabled while the 45 minute cleaning procedure is performed.

            We recommend doing this every 50,000 miles. So if you have a car at or beyond this mileage, it’s time to consider this. The cost of this service is $125. Ask us about it, we’ll be glad to explain more and answer any questions you might have.

            Thanks for taking the time to read this and remember long lasting engines have little to do with luck and a lot to do with preventative maintenance. Maintain your vehicle. It’s the second largest investment you make.

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