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  Kramer's Service Station

Thought of the month


        This month I’d like to talk about brakes. We all know how important they are. Brakes, steering and tires are the most important safety related parts of your car.

         Many people ask how long should my brakes last? Some brakes last less than 10,000 miles and others last more than 30,000. It depends on a few things such as the type of car and the way you drive.

         We all want them to last as long as possible. Some cars have better braking systems that stop better and last longer. On many cars the front brakes will outlast the rears. Later model, VW, rear brakes have been wearing out before the fronts.

         The way you drive greatly affects how long they last. Our neighborhood has more stop signs and traffic lights than ever so that makes it worse.


         Today’s brakes systems are using brake rotors that degrade and pit in a few years. Even the replacement rotors do that. It’s all about the metal that companies are using. Unfortunately, even the most expensive replacement rotors are prone to this. So it’s very common to replace the brake rotors along with the brake pads on many brake jobs.

           Replacing the rotors gives the best results in a brake job. We use ceramic based brake pads that are quieter, handle the heat better and don’t fade in a fast highway stop like the original pads do.


              As you can see, brake jobs are not that simple but you can do a few things to make them last.