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  Kramer's Service Station


              This month I’d like to talk about a big safety issue concerning rusted steel brake lines. You’re car doesn’t have to be a rusted relic and you don’t have to live by the water for this to happen.

            Most cars have some amount of rust, but rusted brake lines become thin and brittle to the point where they can leak brake fluid and need to be replaced. Any brake fluid leak is dangerous. The worst case scenario is brittle brake lines that fail under high pressure during a panic stop. Cars have a dual brake system engineered so that if one part of the system fails (front or rear), the other still has brake power but the car won’t stop as quickly and can cause an accident.

            Unfortunately, steel brake lines with the proper bends and fittings are not available from any dealer or aftermarket company. They need to be custom made for every car. Sometimes, just sections of the lines need to be replaced but there are occasions when all the lines need to be replaced.

            The next time your car is in for service, ask us to check the brake lines for safety sake. Consider that being able to stop is of utmost importance.