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  Kramer's Service Station

Thought of the month


         This month is national car care month. What does this mean to you? It means the summer driving season is coming and it’s a good time to make sure your car is ready to give you reliable service throughout the season.

            The best thing for your car is fresh, clean oil and a new oil filter. Oil is the lifeblood of your car and clean oil keeps critical engine components lubricated and running smoothly. Change your oil or at least check your oil change reminder sticker on the upper left corner of your windshield and see if it’s due.

            Now is a good time to check and or change your air filter. With all the salt that was laid down this past winter, the air filter traps the salt dust that gets airborn. Since we had more snow this year than in the past winter, there was more salt laid down clogging air filters more quickly.

            Many cars now have a cabin air filter. It filters the air that comes through the air conditioning and heating vents inside the car. This is a good time to change it. It should be done every two years. Have us change it and we’ll show you the old one. You would be surprised at the leaves and debris that get caught in it.

            This is also a good time to do a complete tune up. Worn spark plugs make the ignition work harder and cause the ignition components to fail prematurely.

            Lastly, take a look at your tires. They may not look worn out but many people don’t look at the whole tread pattern. Sometimes the outside treads are fine but the inner treads are bald. It’s harder to see the rear tires but you can turn the front wheels all the way to the end and get a better look at the whole tread.

            Consider these few things now and be prepared for that last minute weekend getaway. You want to arrive safely at your destination without having the family get out and push the car the last few miles.